Industrial Solutions

Hex Series

The HEX Series is engineered for threaded pipe (up to 2 inch) applications with high flow rates.


The Space Saver Series is engineered for moderate to high flow rates.

XL Series

The XL Series is engineered for extremely high flow rates.


Generally speaking water delivery systems through out the world function with or near the same principles in delivering water to their clients. It is our experience that is where the similarities stop.

We have learned that every industrial facility poses a new challenge and their own unique water profile. We have had great success over the years in identifying industrial water profiles and creating a custom solution for our clients.

Add On Components

When needed we have the manufacturing capabilities to create custom components such as Spools, Spacers, Mini or Full Flanges,  Etc..

Commercial Product

Good News!

Commercial property owners with a lower volume of water we can help. Visit our Commercial FMD Website