Every facility has a unique water profile. Having the experience and ability to produce a solution to stabilize and control your flow is the key to our success.

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We have manufactured thousands of products for our clients over the years. With our experience in the water industry and our manufacturing capabilities no job is too big or small.

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Water Industry Compliance

From Water Regulation Committees to 3rd party engineering firms our products have been tested around the world for both material and mechanical regulations.

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What is the H2minusO® ?

The H2minusO® Flow Management Device is our flagship product. It contains a self adjusting piston assembly that helps reduces surges and regulates oversupply. Our patented back plate accelerates flow at the necessary pressure to save water. The combination of our products features will help reduces turbulence, air, and over-spinning to decrease unnecessary flow. The H2minusO® Flow Management Device will delivery a more efficient flow throughout your facility.



By taking control of your flow our device will reduce the volume of any wasteful habits and bring a more accurate consumption measurement needed for your business forecasting and budget.

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